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UBU IMPERATOR is a fresh krautrock trio from todays Munich underground kraut-scene. Based on improvised live-composing using electric guitar, drums and synthesizer, UBU IMPERATOR explores dreamy sound scapes of harmony, noise, rythm and chaos. 

Their first DIY tape is a 4 piece MC-gem where you find yourself disoriented in sonic dream lands and receive wake up calls from imaginary antique superheros, smashing your brain to pieces while rescuing you from modern reality.

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The krautrock trio Ubu Imperator emerged in early 2022 in the deepest basements of Munich's Alpenstraße. In numerous jam sessions, a constellation of guitar, drums and synthesizers gradually evolved, navigating diverse realms from dreamy to dramatic, between harmonies and noise, embracing rhythm and chaos.

The universe of Ubu Imperator, however, isn't limited to sounds only, but also manifests itself in illustrations, animations and texts.

In their first DIY Tape, Ubu Imperator is presenting this world to the listeners on four tracks and with a small bundle of illustrations and writings.





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Karaba - All High Ways - Limited Double LP 180g Vinyl Karaba - All High Ways - Limited Double LP 180g Vinyl
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