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KARABA - Karaba 12" Vinyl LP

KARABA - Karaba 12" Vinyl LP 130g Album

Karaba started as a pure jam formation, playing their way from Munich’s public parks and underground hideouts to local clubs and venues. In the meantime, they became close friends with the legendary Embryo, an encounter that had a big influence on the groups sound, along with their growing enthusiasm for the likes of Soft Machine and Kraan. The self- titled, debut album contains early material from that era and offers a colorful mix of krautrock, psychedelic and progressive rock.


TRIPTONUS - Triptonus 12" Vinyl 130g

Triptonus from Vienna

21.00 *

Karaba - All High Ways - (PREORDER) Limited Double LP 180g Vinyl

Karaba - All High Ways -


On Karabas third studio album "All High Ways" the band compensates for the pieces of music that were already composed and created during the time of the two previous studio albums and actual compositions. Thanks to the support of Initiative Musik now it was possible for the first time to record those pieces and press them onto double vinyl LP, so that they could be preserved. "All High Ways" is a musical mixture of jazzrock, krautrock and progressive rock with musical references of the Canterbury Scene. A sonic taste experience traversed by Zappa-esque frescoes and haunting grooves in wich the listeners lands on Karabas deepened and humorous soundscapes.


This album was supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

The limited 12" double LP 180g vinyl Preorder Package (includes limited edition poster) will be released on 15th of december.
Expected shipment between 15th and 24th of december. 

Exclusively preorder the limited double LP. 


SHIPMENT DELAYED, the pressing plant has informed us that there will unfortunately be a delay of approx. 2-3 weeks.

24.00 *
In stock
Delivery period: 5 working days
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